Tulum, Mexico 2020

Assess your 2020. Align in 2021.

Here it is. Assessments, I must add, have to be made every three or so months. Why? to keep yourself accountable to your goals, mission, and purpose. In short, accountable to the life you want to live here on Earth. Of course, if you are still trying to find out what that is then goal-setting can be a bit hard. In that case your goal is exactly that, “To find my purpose.”

In my practice, I help hundreds ask these very questions and answer them. As I sit watching the sunset in Tulum, Mexico, I think to myself that I must be doing something “right.” No ego. Just recognition that when you walk your talk things fall into place. Universal law. Let’s get to it.

Here are questions that have helped myself and my clients assess 2020:

2020 transformed your life? Ask yourself this:

  • Did you know you were this resilient?
  • Did you gain greater insight about yourself? If so, write down two ways in which you did.
  • Write down a couple of moments where you made yourself proud?
  • Write down where you could have reacted with a bit more wisdom, love, compassion…

2020 moved your relationships? Ask yourself this:

  • Who was there for you?
  • Who were you there for?
  • What relationships strengthened?
  • What relationships ended?
  • What relationships did the universe end for you?

2020 shook your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health? Ask yourself this:

  • Did you hit emotional lows? If so, did you learn new coping skills and did you ask for help?
  • Did you feel ecstatic and satisfied? If so, do you know how to make that happen again?
  • Do you have greater knowledge of your shadows, strengths and patterns?
  • Are you in closer connection to source, god, spirit, ancestors, the-guru-within-you?
  • Have you learned to listen to your body? If so, what did your body tell you this year?
  • Did you invest time and money in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health?

2021 get aligned and ask yourself this:

  • Do I want to get clear on my gifts, skills and talents?
  • Do I want to offer them to the world, humanity, the universe?
  • Do I know how to answer the questions above? If your answer is no, then the first step is to find a therapist/coach/guide who specializes in this. If you cannot afford a therapist/coach/guide, a book is your next bet.
  • Do I want my passions, purpose, mission to bring me financial abundance?
  • Do I know how to make the above question happen? Yes, allowing for the universe to lead the way is part of the answer. The second part of the answer is tapping into the wisdom and experience of others who have been there and done that. Ask for help. No ego.
  • Do I know what is my next challenge as I become more aligned in 2021? A challenge is anyhting that has a risk and a reward. Think anything that moves you away from your “rut.” Is my next challenge opening up that LLC, launching my podcast, saying yes to that relationship, buying that property…?

If you read all the way to the end, you did it. Your brain has introduced some guiding questions to get you going. The work now is to integrate and create systems of accountability. Remind yourself that you are a being of transformation at the core. While you may want predictability, stability and safety, our universe is in constant movement. You are more resilient than you think, 2020 is proof of that.

Ati Egas is a Psychotherapist and Alignment Coach in NYC. She helps clients connect to their mission on Earth.